The outline of policy of the government of Alexandros Papanastasiou

This text is an excerpt from the outline of policy of the government of Alexandros Papanastasiou in the framework of the 4th National Assembly, on the eve of the proclamation of the Second Hellenic Republic (24/3/1924). It is included in Meletes, logoi, arthra Alexandrou Papanastasiou, ed. by Xen. Lefkoparidis (Athens, 1957).

Alexandros Papanastasiou (prime minister): The basic aim of the present government, indeed its raison d'etre, is to lead directly to the establishement of the Republic and set it on a firm footing.
The Republic is the natural and best outcome of a long internal struggle, rendered inevitable by the violation of popular freedoms, the breach of our international obligations, the contempt of national rights. The main source of these evils, which led to this major calamity, was the unfair exploitation of the royal institution, an outdated institution, which was overlaid with a medieval gloss.
With the Republic Greece will be restored to the Greeks, their freedoms ensured, the honour of our despised nation will be gratified and the subjection of each one of us to the common interest as a supreme law will be required. In this way the moral purge and a boost for the morale of the People will be brought about.
The Assembly invested with constitutional rights is entitled to proclaim a Republic. But since the majority of plenipotetiaries gave the People the promise to summon him to express his opinion immediately by plebiscite on the constitutional change, a plebiscite on the constitutional issue must take place as soon as possible...
Relevant to the constitutional issue is the dynastic issue. This was actually resolved by the last elections and the inevitable ensuing deposition of the Dynasty...
It would be desirable for all the political parties of the country to approach the plebiscite in unison, to work jointly for the drafting and foundation of the new constitution. In this way, through a uniform decision, and not simply through the imposition of the will of the majority, not only will the Republic be founded on a firmer basis, but even political life will be reinstated in a proper form, something for which the country has a great neeed, and our prestige as a Nation and State will be raised.