Party declaration

The following excerpt comes from the collection of party materials of the Greek Communist Party (KKE), Episima Keimena, vol. 4, 1934-1940, (Athens, 1975). It refers to the demonstration in Thessaloniki (9/5/1936) and its bloody suppression by the government of Ioannis Metaxas.

Declaration of the Central Committee of the KKE and the Popular Front's Parliamentary Team

To all the people of our country!
Rise up. Down tools! Take to the streets!
People of the country.
The whole of Greece has been transformed into a huge popular volcano! The people rise up against the assassins. The monarchic government of the hated Metaxas with the assistance of a few superior militarist Fascist officers is attempting to ensnare us in the noose of raw Fascist dictatorship.
If we permit the assassin to continue his bloody Fascist work, tomorrow the whole of Greece will be transformed into a huge Thessaloniki and will be mourning not by the dozens but by the hundreds for her unjustly killed children.
Only a universal uprising in tandem with the army on the way paved in Thessaloniki will impose a single dominant popular will.
In order to banish the assassin Metaxas and punish him in the way assassins of the people deserve.
In order to enforce all the political and economic demands of the working people.
In order to fully redress the popular democratic liberties for the people to be able to fight freely for their rights.
In order to stay the hands of every Fascist assassin...
Parliament must convene at once. A government that will enforce the popular agreement must be formed!...

Athens, 12 May 1936
The Central Committee of KKE
The Popular Front Parliamentary Team