The period of instability, 1932-1935

The call for elections on 25 September 1932 under a system of proportional representation inaugurated a new cycle of interaction and government changes. Initially power went to the Democratic Party of Alexandros Papanastasiou, then to the Liberals, and finally to the coalition of the People's Party, under Panayis Tsaldaris. The new elections of March 1933 revived the resentments of the National Schism. In this process anti-Venizelist parties prevailed. In the following years, the political system of the country went into decline. The coups of hard-core Venizelists in March 1933 and 1935 (with General Nikolaos Plastiras as leader), the assassination attempt against Venizelos and purges in the army are all instances of deviations from the parliamentary system.