Introduction: Image and sound as aspects of the past

This category includes a whole range of visual and audio documents resulting from the technonogical achievements of the recent past. This century has seen numerous advances in the ways we can approach 'the past'.
The past (or more accurately, aspects of it) is 'captured' or 'recorded' in ways different from those traditionally used. The new means, however, require a new approach in the field of interpetation.

The image or photograph renders reality accurately, often providing us with valuable information; but it cannot 'identify with' the object, the event, the situation it describes. Nevertheless, its main achievement is to underline the basically dramatic texture of historical development.

Visual material, especially photography, significantly enriches the primary textual documents, providing an overall account of the most recent pages of our History.

The past is experienced intensely through images, thus acquiring an additional dynamism. The combination of image and sound retrieves memories and gives new meanings to conjunctures, while its association with the text allows a supplementary, multi-faceted 'reading' of important landmarks from the recent past.