The dictatorship of General Theodoros Pangalos, 1925-1926

The promises the dictator Theodoros Pangalos made about the honourable function of the state mechanism, and especially the general weariness after a period of parliamentary instability, contributed to his weak predominance but also to his being accepted in parliament by the nation's representatives. The initial period of tolerance in the semi-parliamentary government of Theodoros Pangalos was followed by discontent over his authoritative methods, and his incapacity to manage the country's finances.

In reality, the accumulated problems of the Greek economy and his incapacity to solve them within the narrow framework of the political coalition of 1925-26, wore down the often unpredictable dictator. The period is characterized by press censorship and the deportation of political leaders and ordinary citizens. Obviously such policies caused a reaction within the political world but also in the army as well. Georgios Kondylis, assisted by the henchmen of his old ally, overthrew him and seized power temporarily.