Sources for political life in the inter-war period.
Printed and written materials.

Research into the recent past (especially since the beginning of this century) can be carried out under highly favourable conditions in terms of the wealth and variety of sources available. Sounds and images, recorded in various forms, have been added to the core of the pre-existing data. One of the approaches one might adopt in the field of Political History is to make a distinction between sources of a private as opposed to public character.

The former includes hard-copy testimonies from the people involved, such as diaries, correspondence and autobiographical texts in general. The latter category comprises the press (newspapers and magazines), administrative documents, service reports, the proceedings of parliament, published enactments, etc from the relevant period.

The following excerpts from various types of document bring the reader into direct contact with some of the most important textual sources for the landmark events in the political life of the inter-war period.