Diary of Ioannis Metaxas

The following text is published in Ioannis Metaxas: To prosopiko tou imerologio edit. by L. Metaxa (Athens, 1970). It concerns the official proclamation of the Regime of the Fourth of August 1936, that characterized a whole period.


To the Greek People,
While the Parliament elected after the long domestic adventures of the Nation in January 1936 to redress domestic peace and order proved itself right from the beginning incapable of this and unable to provide a Government for the country, and only lately proved that this incapacity was due to incurable party conflicts and personal squabbles that were of little interest to the vast mass of the working people, Communism has taken advantage of the circumstances and of the support given to it by different political groups and has impertinently raised its head, seriously threatening the social status of Greece...
My Government, above any party, having been summoned to power in April of this year, and detecting right from the beginning the risks that Greek society was running and determined right from the beginning to take all measures... aiming at the moral and material improvement of all society and especially of farmers, workers and the poorer classes in general ...
I appeal to the full and undivided contribution of all Greeks who believe that our national traditions and our Greek culture must remain intact ...
For this I ask from all full discipline to the State, which is essential for the salvation of Greek society, and without which there can be no real freedom. I also have to categorically declare that I am determined to exterminate in the harshest way any opposition to this nationwide task of national regeneration.

Athens 4 August 1936
The President of the Government
Ioannis Metaxas