The first Republican governments

From its inception, the Republican constitution could not effectively consolidate itself. Instances of arbitrariness and political negligence contributed to the downfall of the first Republican government of Alexandros Papanastasiou in 1924. After a political tug-of-war, Themistoklis Sophoulis became prime minister, but the riots that occurred in the Navy corps during the summer soon terminated the life of this government as well. This time the management of the state was assigned to Andreas Michalakopoulos (7/10/1924), who put down a new military coup, but failed to prevent the escalation of violent and bloody demonstrations by the workers. During parliamentary sessions, the Republicans denounced the foundation of 'Fascist' societies by Georgios Kondylis, minister of the Interior and a powerful man in the regime. The latter's resignation paved the way for a new coup, this time by General Theodoros Pangalos (25/6/1925).