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Web reviews

The rapid increase of web sites with research-academic character led, as epected, to their presentation and evaluation through itself with methods familiar to the scientific community. The speediest way to propagate and undoubtedly the most reliable way to determine the importance of new books are book reviews in prestigious and high circulation periodicals of the relevant scientific field. Correspondingly, web critiques, printed or digital, assume gradually all the more important role in the evaluation, retort and scientific dialogue about published web pages or whole sites.
IMEros will host web critiques both about web pages that are extremely interesting for their scientific object, and for original and inter-scientific approaches, new research programmes or electronic publications of original material.

Web Bibliography

Since 1992 net-pointers -that is the special interactive catalogues where electronic addresses relating to specific themes are cited and categorised- have been very popular in the academic areas of the Internet and functioned as starting points for research to digital pages. During the last five years the developments in the field of computer-mediated communication transformed these "net-pointers" into "electronic portals" for various disciplinary issues. Entering through these portals provides visitors with a composed reconstruction of the research field that interests them, a virtual site where persons and objects of the research get acquainted with the communication innovations of cyber space.
IMEros will host in each issue brief catalogues that deal with the electronic presentation of various thematic units from the fields of history, archaeology and cultural heritage management. In these catalogues the established categories of information material (book, magazine, archive, conference, research organism etc.) will pair up with respective aspects of electronic literacy ("e-journal", "e-forum", programmes of electronic transcription of archive material, digital mailing lists etc.).

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