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Net-pointers on New Technologies and History
(Mitsos Bilalis, Issue 1 / 2001)

Research Centres, Institutes, Networks

Center for History and New Media

The Association for History and Computing

The History Data Service

The History and MultiMedia Center

H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine

IHR - History On-Line

Electronic Journals and e-forums

Perspectives Online

History and Computing

History Matters

Journal for MultiMedia History

Technology and Culture

Screening the Past: An International Electronic Journal of Visual Media and History

Electronic Seminars in History

Writing History / Writing Fiction: A Virtual Conference

The Future of History Journals Discussion

Discussion lists

Kovacs Lists



The Annual AHC Conferences

History Tools for the 21st Century

Society for the History of Technology

Quality Learning with Technology

Virtual Histories, Real Time Challenges Symposium

Electronic Theses and Dissertations - Applying New Media to Scholarship

Books, articles and electronic publications

Writing, Teaching, and Researching History in the Electronic Age: Historians and Computers

The History Highway: A Guide to Internet Resources

History Instruction and the Internet: A Literature Review

New Technologies and the Practice of History

Scholarship and Essays on History and New Media

History and the Computer Revolutions: A Survey of Current Practices

History and Hypertext

Multimedia History and its Historiographical Precursors

A Call For a New Generation of Historical Web Sites

Versatile Tools: Gender Analysis and History of Technology

Software and digitalization of historical resources

Design & Implementation of Software for Historians

Digitising History

History Computerization Project

History Courseware Consortium

Digital archiving programmes and electronic resources lists

Electronic Text Center

Perseus Project

Florentine Renaissance Resources

American Memory

The Making of America

The New Deal Network

World War II Resources

EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents From Western Europe

National Archives and Records Administration

Great Britain Historical Database Online

Online resources for historians world-wide

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Dumbarton Oaks Electronic Texts

Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library

The Internet Modern History Sourcebook

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