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Web sites on Documantaries
Aphrodite Kamara (Issue 2 / 2002)

Categories of documentary films

Educational (USA) (JAPAN) (International) (International)

Minorities' and social groups' collective memory

The history of Hasidism in the United States of America:

Views on the Holocaust: and

Documentaries on the Near East with a particular emphasis on Armenians:

Documentaries on Native Americans (Indians):

Documentaries on Africans:

Memoirs of six Japanese-Americans, who, during World War II,
spent their childhood in concentration camps:

Historical personalities and events

Alexander the Great:

Ulysses Grant and the American Civil War:

Benjamin Franklin and the foundation of the United States:

Beyard Rustin, otherwise known as the "American Socrates":

Harry Moore, one of the pioneers against racism in America:

World War II:

Countries and civilizations

The creation of Canada:

Ancient past of Ireland:

Ethnographic and archaeological series of National Geographic:

Film archive for the history of India:

Historical sites and moments of Portugal:

Documentaries on sites and historical personalities of Iran:

Documentary distribution and resources

USA: WPA film library and documentary resources:


Moving images distribution: (in collaboration with

ICOM electronic magazine:

ECHO project for searching documentaries on-line:

Documentary database:

Film festivals' listing:

Documentaries on TV:

Schools and academic faculties involved in the teaching of documentary art

Jerusalem out of focus:


Academic film archive of North America:

The Documentary institute, University of Florida:

Salt institute for documentary films:

Duke University documentaries:

Stanford University:

International film archive (FIAF):

Center for Near Eastern Studies at NY University:

United Kingdom

Cambridge documentary films:


The University of Adelaide:

South Africa

University of Cape Town, Historical Studies' Department:

Wit school of arts:

Last check: September 2001

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