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Rhabdas, Nicholas:Mathematician from Smyrna who wrote treatises on arithmetic such as the Ekphrasis on finger-reckoning, among others.
Raoulaina Theodora Palaiologina Kantakouzene (ca. 1240-1300):Niece of the emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos and wife of John Raoul. She was known for her intellectual interests, and maintained relations with the intellectual world of Constantinople. She was a student of the scholarly patriarch Gregory of Cyprus.
Raising of the daughter of Jairus:One of the Miracles of Jesus, according to the gospels of St. Matthew (9:18-19, 23-25), St. Mark (5:22-24, 35-43) and St. Luke (8:41,42, 49-56).
Raising of the widow's son:One of the Miracles of Jesus according to the gospel of St. Luke (7:11-15).
Reticulate pattern (opus reticulatum):brick pattern, which consists of successive squares or rhomboid clay tiles.
Roger de Flor:Admiral of the Kingdom of Sicily during the reign of Frederick I (1296-1337) and then leader of the Catalan Grand Company. He offered his services to Andronikos II Palaiologos and mounted a successful campaign against the Turks. He was assassinated in 1305 in the palace of Andronikos' son, Michael IX.
Romanesque art:the art of the medieval West in the 12th century. The sculpture of that period is characterised by an imposing austerity and the stylised rendering of figures, as well as by the preference for themes from the animal kingdom, monster-like creatures, dragons etc.