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Gabalas, Leo: A member of the Gabalas family, many of whom had served as superior officers in the navy. After 1204, the Gabalas family took control of Rhodes, of which Leo was the ruler until 1240.
Gabrielopoulos Melissenos, Stephen: Sebastokrator of Thessaly from 1318 or 1325 to 1332/3.
Geoffrey II Villehardouin: Prince of Achaia (ca. 1226/31-1246). During his reign the principality of Achaia prospered greatly and enjoyed a period of peace.
George Brankovic: Sovereign of Serbia (1427-1456).
Giustiniani Longo, Giovanni: Member of the famous Genoese family of merchants, the Giustiniani, and a heroic defender of Constantinople during its last siege by the Turks in 1453, fighting alongside Constantine XI Palaiologos. He was wounded on the last day of the siege (29 May) and died in Galata or on the island of Chios in June 1453.
Glabas, Michael Tarchaneiotes (ca. 1235-1304): High-ranking officer (protostrator) at the court of Andronikos II Palaiologos. He and his wife, who would later become a nun under the name of Martha, were patrons of the arts and founded important monuments.
Gold embroidery: the adornment of cloths with gold- or silver-thread embroidery, either directly onto the material or over a cotton thread filling. Four or five different stitches alternate to form the exceptionally harmonious compositions of Byzantine gold-embroidered cloths.
Gothic art: the art of the medieval West in the 13th century. The sculpture of the period is characterised by the realistic rendering of the faces, the correct proportions of the figures and the imitation of the models of Greco-Roman antiquity.
Grand Komnenoi: The name of the grandsons of Andronikos I (1183-85), Alexios and David, who founded the Empire of Trebizond on the south-eastern coasts of the Black Sea.
Gregory II of Cyprus (ca. 1241-1290): Cypriot Patriarch of Constantinople (1283-1289). He studied in Cyprus, Nicaea and Constantinople, was a student of George Akropolites and proved himself an eminent scholar who played an important part in the intellectual revival of the 13th century.