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Lazar: prince of Serbia (1371-89).
Lembiotissa Monastery: Monastery, dedicated to the Virgin, and situated between Smyrna and Nymphaion in Asia Minor. It was already in existence in 787, was restored by John III Vatatzes (1222-54) and was burnt down in 1307 by the Turks.
Late-Komnenian art: the art of the last quarter of the 12th century, which is named after the dynasty ruling at the time, the Komnenoi.
Logothesion: an administrative department or the office itself of the logothetes.
Louis IX: King of France (1226-70) and saint of the Western Church. He was seen as the ideal medieval monarch and his multidimensional work left a lasting stamp on the history of France. He died on the North African coasts in August 1270 during an epidemic of the plague which had struck his troops during the crusade against the Muslims.
Ludwig I the Great: King of Hungary (1342-82) and Poland (1370-82).