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Narthex: the oblong entrance hall before the naos, extending along its west side.
Neoplatonism:modern term for the philosophy of Plotinus and of the philosophical schools that he inspired, which flourished in Athens and Alexandria in the 6th century.
Nerio II Acciajuoli:Duke of Athens (1435-39 and 1441-51).
Niche: semicircular cavity in a wall.
Nikephoros I Angelos: Ruler of the despotate of Epiros (1267/8-1296). Son of Michael II, he assumed the government of a part of Epiros, when his father divided the state following the recovery of Constantinople by the Byzantines in 1261, after he recognized the imperial authority of Michael VIII Palaiologos. He endeavoured to maintain good relationships with Constantinople.
Nikomedeia:Byzantine city in Bithynia (area in south-western Asia Minor, opposite Constantinople), now known as Izmit. Still surviving are remains of houses, public baths and tombs of the early Byzantine period, as well as fortifications of the city: the walls around the lower early-Byzantine city (of the 3rd century) and the citadel surrounding the late-Byzantine city (12th-14th century), which was situated on a hill.
Nomophylax: ("guardian of the law"), a high office initially referring to the president of the law school, who was also the president of the imperial court, the strategos of the judges, and the leader of the laws. In the 12th century, the office became a high position between the church and state administration, while in the 14th century there were both ecclesiastical and civil nomophylakes. The former held a position equal to that of the dikaiophylakes.
Notary:official whose duties included the registration of transactions and the certification of documents .