Metaxas' rhetoric concerning society

The idiom in which the labour policy of the dictatorship expressed itself demonstrates a variety of elements. The combination of social policy and racial vigour became the basic motif of the Regime's propaganda. As Ioannis Metaxas frequently declared, in order to fulfil its social mission in the context of the capitalist society of the 20th century, the state had necessarily to become totalitarian. Basically, it did not aspire to the elimination of all social divisions but rather to the manipulation of their expression, in order to abolish any social and political doubt. Besides, social agitation translated into a form of rhetoric (basically the pretext) of the imaginary 'Communist threat', effectively nurtured these attempts.
The rhetoric aimed at the lower classes, which incorporated, transformed and presented their claims, was the basic tool of the Regime, and it was further used as an alternative way of quelling social rumblings. All these belonged to a coherent narrative which accused the (old) political parties of the following charge: that, because of their indifference to the working class, they and Communism were equally responsible for the pre-war social misery and its exploitation for subversive purposes.