Introduction: Images

The unit 'Images' contains all the visual/audio documents resulting from the technological achievements of the recent past. This century has seen a remarkable increase in the number of ways in which we can approach the 'past'.
The past (or more accurately 'aspects' of it) has been 'captured' or 'recorded' in a variety of new ways. Modern means, however, require modern interpretations.
Images or photographs convey information accurately on the one hand - frequently providing us with invaluable information - but on the other they cannot identify with the object, the fact, the situation they describe. But what they manage to do is underline the intrinsically dramatic texture of historical development.
Visual material, especially in its photographic version, considerably enriches the primary textual documents, providing an overall testimony for the most recent events in history.
The past is experienced with special intensity through images, acquiring in this way an additional dynamism. The combination of image and sound retrieves memories and gives new meanings to situations, while their interplay with the text allows a supplementary and multifaceted 'reading' of significant moments from the recent past.