The institutions of Metaxas' Regime

The dictatorship of Metaxas, making the best of previous experience and the institutional infrastructure, perfected the suppressive mechanisms of the state (powerful police network, deportation of opponents, censorship etc.), only now the basic aim was not the 'neutralization' of citizens, but their adherence to the ideology of the Regime. This policy was made evident by the outlawing of political parties, the prohibition of political life and the atmosphere of fear nurtured in the social body.
An attempt was made to establish the 'Third Hellenic Civilization' by the creation of mechanisms such as the institutions of political culture founded by the Regime. In his desperate effort to attract to his side more support, Metaxas created a massive propaganda machine with as its main axis the National Youth Organization (EON), which sought to forcefully recruit all the youth of Greece. In addition, this basic attempt was backed up by impressive public ceremonies and the systematic use of new technology (radio), which were adaptations of the dominant foreign fascist models.