Takis A. Salkitzoglou
The book presents the history of this Greek town of Iconium, famous for its peculiar Greek idiom, unique in the entire Greek-speaking world, its customs and its Byzantine carved churches.
Kostas Pantazoglou
The book "Usak: My Homeland" records the history of Usak, the author’s place of origin. This city of Phrygia was near Philadelphia and its Greek and Byzantine name was Timenou Thirai. The author attempts to narrate the history of his family and at the same time the history of a place and a whole era, with information about the language, professions, customs of the land, which he collected both from Usak and from museums, libraries and archives in Europe.
Eleni Svoronou
Modern archaeological guide of Thessaloniki, with the monuments, museums and districts of the city. The presentation of the monuments follows a chronological order, which starts from Prehistory and reaches up to the Ottoman Period of the city. The publication also includes information -in special frames- for people, events and institutions, knowledge games and suggestions for activities and visits to museums and cultural areas.
Modern historical and archaeological guide of Athens, from Antiquity to modern times. Through the presentation of history, architecture, city planning and museums the reader has the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Athens. The material is structured around different walks through the city, where information is presented regarding people, events, public and private buildings, archaeological sites and museums
Rea Christopoulou-
The book "Ionia-Mother. Nea Ionia-Daughter" constitutes a historical and narrative continuity; it consists of the personal testimonies of Ms Anna Lambrinou-Christopoulou, the mother, and Ms Rea Potamiti, the daughter. It is a journey from Smyrna in the beginning of the 20th century to mainland Greece and the new homeland in Nea Ionia, after the Asia Minor Catastrophe and the subsequent uprooting of the Greek population.
Modern historical and archaeological guide of Athens, from Antiquity to modern times. Through the presentation of history, architecture, city planning and museums the reader has the opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Athens. The material is structured around different walks through the city, where information is presented regarding people, events, public and private buildings, archaeological sites and museums
Evi Pini
A publication that combines literary narration to historical knowledge and transports us to Athens in 421 BC. Focusing on the meeting of the Athenian member of the Boule Callimachus with the slave Chitrion, a “mystery” tale unfolds before us. However, on a second level we see the way of life in ancient Athens and the historical framework of that period: the function of Athenian democracy, the Peloponnesian War, the political conflicts, the status of slaves – all seen through a sensitive, humane perspective.
Evi Pini
The book outlines one of the most important figures of ancient Greek history: Pericles. Through the texts and the excellent illustration we see the personality of this great man, his actions and ideas, using as a source the historical work of Plutarch and Thucydides. At the same time, we have the description of Athens in the Classical Period and the everyday life of its citizens.
Vassilis Theodorou
The book “It's ALL GREEK Indeed” by Mr. Vassilis Theodorou records the lexical wealth of Greek words that are included as loans to the English language. These are words that are used not only in scientific terminology but everyday life as well.
Evi Tsitiridou
Children's book of educational character, which draws its material from Homer's “Iliad” and through texts and adhesive pictures brings the little readers into contact with the events of the Trojan War.
Nikos Kourkouris
A four-volume publication about Greek scouting, from the beginning of 1910 μέχρι το 1935, through four leading figures of the movement: Eleftherios Venizalos, Dimitris Glinos, Athanasios Lefkaditis and Konstantinos Melas. At the same time, it illuminates the turbulent period of the Interwar and the events that influences the course of the scouting movement.
FHW's internal publication, ed. Athanasios Sideris
The most complete presentation of ancient Ephesus in Greek, in a tasteful, deluxe publication of 456 pages, which was realized with the kind support of the J. F. Costopoulos Foundation. Excellent illustration, original architectural drawings and scientific texts -the result of the collaboration of numerous scientists- bring to life the turbulent history of the ancient city, traces of which can be recognized in the great number and peculiarity of its monuments.
Katerina Korre-Zografou
Third and last part of the series "People and Traditional Professions in the Aegean" which this time focuses on Crete and Skiros. The author traces the development of the traditional professions in these islands and at the same time outlines the changes of the traditional communities in the last three decades of the 20th century. She combines in a unique way written sources, personal narrations and the products of material arts, which constitute valuable first material.
Rea Potamiti
This book records the history of forty years of operation of the Greek Society of Adlerian Psychology but also of the involvement of Ms Rea Potamiti with volunteer social work. It presents in a unique way the extraordinary experiences lived by the author, as part of volunteerism, in areas of social work, mainly at the Correctional Institute for Girls. The personal stories of the inmate girls, which are quoted, stir the readers with their immediateness and honesty.
FHW's Internal publication
Children's publication of educational content about the Ancient Agora of Athens, which during the Classical Period was the centre of the city's public life. Through texts and adhesive images, which the children must put in the right place, the monuments and the functions of the Agora come to life.
Eleni G. Papaefthymiou
A publication that accompanied the exhibition "Tales of coins - Narrations of cities". Coins from the collection of the Foundation of the Hellenic World. The exhibition is hosted at Hellenic Cosmos and presents a small sample from the Foundation's Collection, with coins from Thrace to Mesopotamia and from the 6th century BC to the 3rd century AD.
scientific supervisor Sophia Pantouvaki
Catalogue of the exhibition with the same name that is hosted at Hellenic Cosmos from October 2011 until May 2012. It includes texts and interviews from people of the field of dance, as well as photographic material from the activities of the groups of Giannis Metsis "Experimental Ballet of Athens" in the period 1965-1990.
Evi Tsitiridou
Children's educational publication about the life of Hercules. Through texts and stickers the labors of one of the most famous heroes of ancient Greek mythology come to life
Zefi Sirivli
Paintings: Marina Roussou
Children's book with leading character a snail which does not like its orange color and seeks desperately ways to change it. Of course, in the end is discovers the value of its uniqueness, as of every living creature on the Earth.
Cyrus Kokkas
Cyrus Kokkas records the unknown Pontos, depicting with sensitivity, passion and keen observation both the character of Pontos with the intense contrasts and its people during their daily activities and their experiences. The pictures of the album are accompanied by the text of the historian Vlassis Agtzidis, which present the diachronic history of Pontos.
FHW's internal publication
Educational children's book which familiarizes children with ancient Olympia, through texts and stickers. The only prerequisite is the creative participation of young readers!
FHW’s Internal Publication
Printed album with three-dimensional photorealistic digital reconstructions of the buildings of the Ancient Agora in the Classical Period. It brings to life, with excellent accuracy, one of the most important sites of ancient Hellenic culture and of the Classical world.
Eve Pini
This publication describes the story of the battle of Marathon, through the narration of Aristarchus, an Athenian old man, who participated in the battle and narrates it to its grandson. The reader watches the events that led to the conflict between Athenians and Persians and at the same time he learns about the interior organization and the political developments in the two adversaries' states.
Michael Sofroniadis
A collection of articles from the Greek press of Constantinople in the period 1905-1921. The book focuses on the history of the Greek and the Ottoman Press, on the social and political life of Constantinople and on the situation of the Greek community there.
Sophia Gialouraki
Fayum portraits that originally decorated house walls, then covered sarcophagi and today adorn the greatest museums in the world, come to life in the book by Sophia Gialouraki and narrate their story. Dimitris, Zenovia, Dimos, Eftihis, Hermione, but also the man with the wine glass, the Jewish woman and the melancholic man are the people behind the portraits. The process for “revealing” their identities takes place with the assistance of a mysterious English archaeologist, Miss Julia, in an exciting journey to Egypt from the period of Alexander the Great to the Greek communities of the 20th century.
Katerina Korre-Zografou
The publication “The Bracelet: Neo-Hellenic and Ethnic (19th-20th century)” was created in the framework of the exhibition with the same title which was hosted at the Semele Hall of the "THEATRON" and constitutes an examination of the history of this jewel in the last two centuries. Apart from the aesthetic value of the bracelets, the publication brings to light aspects of the historical and social dimension, since they reflect social stratification and constitute an indication of their owners' prosperity.
FHW's internal publication
This publication is a "digital album" with three-dimensional photorealistic reconstructions of the most important buildings of ancient Olympia, which are presented with emphasis on historical accuracy and construction details.
Mariza Dekastro
The pages of the book "Makrigiannis" by Mariza Dekastro record Makrigiannis’ life, actions and ideas about the Greek Revolution, as they are outlined in extracts from his "Memoirs". At the same time, through the quotes of the book and the abundant illustrative material the reader can draw important information about the events and the daily life of Greece during that period.
Katerina Korre-Zografou
Following the great success of the first book, it was decided to publish a second volume, as a supplement to the first. The work, written by Katerina Korre-Zografou, deals with the islands of Mikonos, Santorini, Kithnos, Naxos, Rhodes and Kos.
Metropolite of Perge, Evangelos I. Galanis
An examination of the 3,000 years of residential and 2,000 years of ecclesiastical history of the city, the important cultural centre of Asia Minor, mainly during the period of Alexander the Great, as well as the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine period.
FHW's internal publication
The printed publication is the catalogue of the exhibition with the same name that is presented at the Foundation's cultural centre Hellenic Cosmos.
FHW's internal publication
The publication is a collective work which is a supplement to the exhibition with the same name that is hosted at Hellenic Cosmos, the Foundation's cultural centre.
Katerina Korre-Zografou and Eudocia Olympitou
The book is accompanied by photographic material of huge importance and presents craftsmen, workshops and handicrafts in their natural areas.
Eleni Svoronou
A publication for children and young people in two languages, Greek and English, with a wealth of information about the history and monuments of Athens.
FHW's internal publication
A collective work dealing with the presence and activity of the Asia Minor refugees in Greece during the period between the two World Wars.
Dimitriοs Yatromanolakis and Panagiotis Roilos
The book is a study not only historical, but interdisciplinary, regarding the incorporation of the rituals in cultural expression at different moments of Hellenic history
Henri-Paul Boissonnas
This attractive publication has been jointly produced by the Foundation of the Hellenic World and the Benaki Museum, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe and provides an unusual but penetrative look into the events that changed the course of Hellenism in the beginning of the previous century.
Francis Dieulafait
A publication by the Foundation of the Hellenic World and "Erevnites" publishing house, which aims at the better understanding of our cultural heritage, so we can become time explorers.
Marianthi Kaplanoglou
The second book of the series "Folklore fairy tales and storytellers from Asia Minor" includes two fairy tales from Pisidia. It also includes historical information about Hellenism in Pisidia and numerous photographs.
Marianthi Kaplanoglou
The fairy tale "The Good and the Bad Girl", scientifically supervised by Mrs Marianthi Kaplanoglou, is the first of a series of fairy tales from Asia Minor. It comes from Halicarnassus, "carrying with it" the history of the people and the place that created it.
FHW internal publication
This book presents in a unique way the architecture of Priene, a city in western Asia Minor, concisely recording all the material from the first excavation of 1894 up to the present day.
FHW internal publication
A new printed educational publication by FHW. Through different activities (painting, crosswords, games etc.) children learn about various aspects of the history of Miletus.
Katerina Korre-Zografou
The first section of this book puts the pottery of the Tsanak Kale (Dardanelles) into historical context, explaining its general characteristics and how, while examples have been found as far afield as Russia, Romania and France, the bulk of its output was channelled towards Constantinople, the Aegean islands and the eastern coasts of the Greek mainland.
Akilas Millas
Parish seals from the Metropolitan area form the subject of this volume. Some of these parishes survived, some were destroyed after the Treaty of Lausanne, but, in both cases, this book shows the significant contribution of the Metropolitan area to the preservation and development of Orthodox Greek communities in Asia Minor.
FHW's internal publication
A children's book on the history of costume and a stikers book.
Gregory Nagy
FHW, as part of its effort to establish collaborations with cultural and academic institutions with similar objectives, has established for quite some time now a collaboration with the Centre of Greek Studies of the University of Harvard in Washington.
FHW's internal publication
Α guide for the 4000 years of Hellenic costume.
Fokion Sidiropoulos
The subject of this book is the history of Hellenic charity establishments in Constantinople. It covers the entire history of the Baloukli Hospital from its establishment until the present day; as well as the struggle of Hellenic doctors who exercised their profession in Constantinople and abided by their oath.
Vasos Vogiatzoglou
Using original research material, this book systematically registers the well-known and lesser well-known names of Greeks from Pisidia, contributing thereby to our knowledge of Hellenism in this area.
Melpo Kesisoglou - Karystinou
This study, which is based on unpublished archival material, descriptions by foreign travellers and the reminiscences of former inhabitants of Agia, brings to life the parish of Agia, the -first in rank- parish of the Archepiscopate of Constantinople.
Katerina Chamilaki
Archaeological guide of Mycenae, in collaboration with the "Erevnites" publishing house, for children over 11 years old. It is an exciting tour of the acropolis and the palace of Mycenae, the houses and the workshops of the craftsmen, but also the stone cycles and their offerings. The book includes reconstructions of monuments, images of significant findings and scenes from the life of the people of Mycenae. Furthermore, information about people, events and institutions are cited.
Eve Pini
Guide of the archaeological sites of Crete, in collaboration with the "Erevnites" Publishing House, for children over 11 years old. The book describes the palaces of Knossos, with the legendary labyrinth, of Faistos, of Malia and of Zakros. It demonstrates the monuments, the myths and the important people, historical figures and the most important events that compose the Bronze Age in Crete and the Minoan culture, the first great culture of Europe.
Katerina Chamilaki
Modern and original archaeological guide in collaboration with the "Erevnites" publishing house, about ancient Olympia, ancient athletics and the roots of the Olympic Games. Through its pages the religious site of the Altis comes to life, which is directly related to the organization of the Games, the athletic facilities and the sports that took place there. At the same time the myths, the historical figures and the most important events that are related to Olympia and the Olympic Games are presented. It is addressed to children over 11 years old.
Takis Salkitzoglou
This book by Mr. Takis Salkitzoglou demonstrates an event that is not widely known, the wide participation of the people of Asia Minor in the Greek Revolution in 1821 and their important contribution to the liberation of their common homeland. The book contains an extensive list with the names of Asia Minor fighters (with their areas of origin), while documents are published that testify their participation and their contribution to the national struggle.
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