The Greek-Italian friendship treaty of 1928

The Greek-Italian dialogue of 1927-28, inaugurated by the then minister of Foreign Affairs Andreas Michalakopoulos, was carried on by Eleftherios Venizelos. However, the process was concluded and sealed with the bilateral friendship, reconciliation and judicial settlement treaty of 23 September 1928. The contracting parties expressed their devotion to the principles of the League of Nations and stressed their desire to co-operate in the fields of culture and economics. At the same time, mutual provision of political and diplomatic support was promised in the event of an external threat to one or other of the two countries.
The agreement was expected to last for five years, with the option of being renewed for a further five. The 'opening' attempted by Venizelos to Rome was to prove a significant political act that sealed the new diplomatic strategy of the country. The developments that followed the Greece-Italy agreement allowed the former to become integrated again after several years of being on the margin of the relationship between the Great Powers.