The foreign policy of Theodoros Pangalos, 1925-26

The relatively short dictatorship of Theodoros Pangalos is insteresting since the policy he adopted deviated substantially from the tactics of moderation and conservatism which came in after 1923. The impulsive General supported the revision of territorial status determined by the Treaty of Lausanne and aspired to the alliance with Serbia as a precondition for the exercise of an aggressive policy against Turkey. For this reason, at Belgrade's insistence he granted huge concessions to Yugoslavia. At the same time he responded positively to Mussolini's overtures about negotiations regarding the possibility of a new clash with Turkey. His handling of the Great Idea - both untimely and inspired - aggravated Greece's delicate international position and contributed to his downfall. The diplomatic isolation of the country caused serious concerns in the populace and urged on succeeding governments the need to find strong support in order to escape the impasse.