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The demand for the inter-Balkan cooperation

The country's international relations

The Greek foreign policy, 1936-1944
The domestic political scenery
The imposition of the 4th of August dictatorship

The imposition of the 4th of August dictatorship

Faced with the possibility of a massive general strike, which had been scheduled for 5 August 1936, I. Metaxas moved dextrously behind the scenes and elicited the consent of George II for the declaration of martial law on 4 August. The dissolution of the parliament, the suspension of those articles from the Greek constitution regarding individual rights, and the ban on trade unions, amounted to the imposition of a dictatorship, with Metaxas totally in charge of the domestic political stage. Apart from the position of Prime Minister, Metaxas took over the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, War, Aviation and Navy, thus underscoring his deep interest in, and aspirations for, the exclusive control of Greek foreign policy-making.

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