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in English
Barros, J., Britain, Greece and the Politics of Sanctions. Ethiopia 1935-1936 (London 1982) Analyses the decision of the Greek government to endorse the imposition of sanctions on Italy in 1935, and the impact of this decision on the wider Greek-Italian relations.
Campbell, J., Sherrard, P., Modern Greece (London 1968)
Clogg, R., A Short History of Modern Greece (Cambridge 1979)
General histories, with chapters on Greek foreign policy for the 1936-1944 period.
Jankovic, B.M., The Balkans in International Relations (Basingstoke & London 1988) Emphasis on the Balkan aspect of the foreign policy pursued by the Balkan countries during the 1930s. Analyses the causes of the collapse of the inter-Balkan cooperation.
Koliopoulos, J., Greece and the British Connection, 1935-1941 (Oxford 1977) An analysis of the Greek-British relations during the 1935-1941 period. It also covers the negotiations between the two countries for joint defence against the German attack of 1941.
in Greek
Linardatos, S., I exoteriki politiki tis 4is Avgoustou (Athens 1975)
Svolopoulos, K., I Elliniki Exoteriki Politiki, 1900-1945 (Athens 1992)


Barros, J., The Corfu Incident of 1923 (Princeton 1966) The best analysis of the Corfu incident, with a wider analysis of the strategy of the Fascist regime in Italy towards Greece.
Cervi, M., The Hollow Legions. Mussolini's Blunder in Greece, 1940-1941 (London 1971) An interesting chronicle of the Italian attack on Greece.
Ciano, G., Europa verso il catastrofe (Milan 1948) A useful collection of discussions and documents related to the Italian foreign policy of the 1936-1943 period.
De Felice, R., Mussolini l' alleato, vol. la: Dalla guerra "breve" alla guerra lunga, 1940-1943 (Turin 1990) Notwithstanding the inadequacies of the narrative and the slavish attention to the sources, sometimes at the expense of critical analysis, this volume of the biography of the Italian dictator contains wide references to the conception and execution of the operation against Greece.
Knox, M., Mussolini Unleasshed, 1939-1941. Politics and Strategy in Fascist Italy's Last War (Cambridge 1982) An exemplary analysis of Italian foreign policy between 1939-1941. Also, the most mature and interesting analysis of the Greek-Italian war.
Muggeridge, M. (ed.), Ciano's Diaries, I: 1937-1938; II: 1939-1943 (London & Toronto 1947) The official diary of the Italian Foreign Minister, with information regarding the thoughts and secret preparations of Mussolini regarding his Greek plan.
Sadkovich, J.J., The Italo-Greek War in Context: Italian Priorities and Axis Diplomacy, Journal of Contemporary History, 28 (1989), pp. 493-64
Sadkovich, J.J., Understanding defeat: reappraising Italy's role in World War II, Journal of Contemporary History, 24 (1989), pp. 27-61
Interesting analyses of the Italian war of 1940-41, with particular emphasis on the Greek- Italian war.


in Greek
Papakonstantinou, Th., I Machi tis Ellados, 1940-41 (Athens 1970)
in English and German
Creveld, L. van, Hitler's Strategy 1940-1941. The Balkan Clue (London 1973) Dated but interesting work, analysing Nazi Germany's strategy towards the Balkans.
Hillgruber, A., Hitlers Strategie. Politik und Kriegfuhrung, 1940-1941 (Frankfurt 1965) A more interesting work than the previous one, with more emphasis on the wider strategy of Nazi foreign policy.
Weinberg, G.L., A World at Arms. A Global History of World War II (Cambridge 1994) One of the best recent general histories of the Second World War, with extensive reference to the war in the Balkans.


Condit, D., Case study in Guerilla War. Greece during World War II (Washington 1961) Interesting approach to the issue of Greek national resistance.
Hondos, J., Occupation and Resistance. The Greek Agony, 1941-1944 (New York 1979) The chronicle of the period of occupation, with lucidity and good analysis of external relations.
Iatrides, J., Revolt in Athens. The Greek Communist "Second Round", 1944-1945 (Princeton 1972)
Also translated in Greek as E A (A 1973)
he problems of transition to the postwar reality from a internal (domestic) point of view, but with attention to the external factor.
Mazower, C., Inside Hitler's Greece (Yale University Press 1995) An excellent study of the domestic conditions in Greece during the Occupation.
Richter, H., British Intervention in Greece. From Varkiza to Civil War, February 1945 to August 1946 (London 1985) Analysis of the British intervention in the Greek affairs during the decisive immediate postwar period.
Wittner, L.S., American Intervention in Greece, 1943-1949 (New York 1982) Interesting study of the growing influence of the United States on Greece, especially after the end of the war.
Woodhouse, C., The Struggle for Greece, 1941-1949 (London 1976) Interesting analysis by the Commander of the British forces in Greece and writer of many books on Greek history.
Xydis, S., Greece and the Great Powers, 1944-1947 (Thessaloniki 1963) A very good study of Greece's foreign relations during the period immediately before and after the liberation.


Documenti Diplomatici Italiani
(Libreria dello Stato publications, Rome), Series 8 & 9
Documents on German Foreign Policy
(Her Majesty's Stationery Office publications, London), Series C & D
Greek Diplomatic Documents, 1940-41
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs publications, Athens 1940)
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