Creative Team

The following people worked for the materialisation of the electronic presentation entitled "A Journey to the Early Byzantine Empire - The Justinian Era":

FHW's external collaborators
Sodini Jean-Pierre,Professor of Byzantine Archaeology at the University of Sorbonne, Paris I: Scientific supervision
Xanthopoulou Maria,Dr. Archaeologist: Text writing
Pitaraki Brigite, Dr. Archaeologist: Text writing
Stefani Fenia: Translation of English texts

FHW's staff
Kehagia Asimina: Editing of texts
Levendis Anthony: Organisation, writing and editing of texts.
Bidikoudi Zografia: Selection of illustrated material and writing of explanatory texts
Michou Sophia: Design, application development, programming of web pages, graphic supervision, digitalization and image processing

We would like to thank the following people:
Efraimoglou Dimitris (Managing Director of FHW)
Kassimati Nelli (Head of Digital Productions Sector)
Ferla Kleopatra (Head of Sector of Research and Management of Cultural Information)
Kamarinos George (Head of Internet Department)
Foskolou Vasiliki (Head of Byzantine Team)
Koliou Adamadia (former Head of the Byzantine Team)
Stamatelou Artemis (Head of Administration of Illustrated Material)
Sioris George (Translator)
Katsoulis George (Head of Technical Support Department)