Manifestations of admiration for the Greek struggle against the Italians
  • We used to say: 'The Greeks fight like heroes.' In the future we will be saying: 'Heroes fight like Greeks.'
    newspaper Manchester Guardian, England, 19-4-1941
  • The Greeks brought about the first actual defeat of the land forces of the Axis. Even if Greece was to be crushed tomorrow, its military contribution would remain unimpaired. It will be the glory of modern Grece that it dismantled the omnipotence of the Axis and gave to all free peoples the proof of the value of democracy.
    newspaper The New York Times, 28-11-1940
  • Greece is for all the world an example of bravery.
    newspaper Bahit, Turkey
  • In the name of the gagged but living French people the free French salute the Greek people fighting for liberty. 25/3/41 finds Greece at the pinnacle of its heroic struggle and at the peak of glory. Never since the time of Salamis has Greece been greater or more glorious than this day.
    General Charles De Gaulle, France
  • You have fought unarmed against the fully-armed and you have won. You have fought small against big opponents and you have prevailed. It couldn't be otherwise because you are Greeks. Being Russians we have gained time to defend ourselves thanks to your sacrifice. And for this we are grateful.
    Moscow Radio Station, 27-4-1942
  • You were not defeated, but have been overcome after a struggle, that has invested you with glory.
    Anthony Eden, England, 10-5-1941
  • 9 April 1941: Greeks fight very bravely. I forbid the press to underestimate them, to defame them... The Fuehrer admires the bravery of the Greeks. He is sorry that he had to fight against them.
    From the diary of Joseph Goebbels
    (Cited in: Chatzipatera-Phafaliou, Martyries 40-44, Athens, Kedros, 1992, p. 151, 189-191)