The progress of the Battle of Greece through the front page titles of the newspaper of the time, KATHIMERINI:

Tuesday 29 October 1940: Since yesterday Greece has been at war with Italy. As one nation, remembering our traditions, let us take to the battlements! The heroes of Caporetto, in their usual treacherous way, attacked half an hour before the ultimatum expired. The Greek people are summoned through inspired proclamations by the King and the Governor to do their duty. The national army, heroically fighting at the Greek-Albanian borders, is defending the territory of the fatherland with epic courage. Air raids on Patra, where there have been casualties, Korinthos, Elefsis and Tatoi.

Wednesday 30 October 1940: The 2nd day of the Greek-Italian war. International opinion moved by the heroic stance of Greece.

Friday 1 November 1940: The attention of the whole world is on the Battle of Greece. The whole nation, army and people have only one slogan: 'VICTORY!' Great successes of the Greek war forces. The Greek airforce bombarded and machine-gunned enemy units from a low altitude. Two Italian planes were shot down in a dogfight and our naval forces bombarded the Albanian shores.

Sunday 3 November 1940: After the 6th day of the Greek-Italian war... The Evzones, chasing the enemy with fixed bayonets, penetrated into Albanian territory. All the mountain passes are being occupied by us, very important positions have been secured in enemy territory.

Tuesday 5 November 1940: A big Greek counter-offensive began. The retreat of the Italian army takes on the proportions of a rout. An Italian phalanx, lost in the Pindus mountains, surrenders with its equipment. Korytsa is under strong and continuous fire from Greek artillery.

Monday 11 November 1940: Great successes of the Greek army. After a storming Greek counter-offensive the 3rd Division of Alpinists, reinforced by the cavalry, Bersaglieri and the fascist Militia, was annihilated. In its rout it carried away with it the reinforcements dispatched from Avlona. Numerous prisoners and various equipment came into our hands.

Saturday 23 November 1940: The glorious triumph of the Greek army. Korytsa was taken yesterday by the advancing Greek army. The people of the city received the liberators with enthusiasm.

Monday 25 November 1940: General advance at the Front. Moschopolis was taken. 1,500 prisoners were taken at Korytsa and lots of equipment.

Sunday 1 December 1940: Greek troops entered Pogradec yesterday. Italians retreat in the direction of Elbasan.

Thursday 5 December 1940: The Greek army occupied Premeti yesterday after a raging battle. General retreat of the Italians all along the line of the Front.

Saturday 7 December 1940: Our troops having occupied the city of Ag. Saranta pushed their lines to the north, bending Italian resistance. At the harbour of Ag. Saranta the Italian destroyer bombarded by the Italian airforce was found partly sunk - Innumerable quantities of loot in our hands. Argyrokastro and Delvino abandoned by the Italian army.

Monday 9 December 1940: Greek troops, after victorious battles, entered Argyrokastro yesterday.

Tuesday 24 December 1940: Greek troops occupied Cheimarra yesterday.

Sunday 28 December 1940: A new deed by our navy: The Greek submarine 'Papanikolis' patrolling in the Adriatic attacked an Italian convoy and scuttled three troop-ships.

Saturday 11 January 1941: Greek troops occupied Kleisoura yesterday. This latest success was of significant importance for the progress of operations. 600 prisoners were taken and tanks came into our possession.

Sunday 2 February 1941: A new glorious deed by the Royal Navy: The day before yesterday the Greek submarine 'Papanikolis' torpedoed a loaded transport ship in enemy waters.

Monday 7 April 1941: In the mountains of Macedonia a new epoque of inconceivable heroism is under way. From yesterday morning Greece and Yugosalvia, having suffered an unprovoked attack, are at war with Germany. Italy also declared war on Yugoslavia. Our troops defend, holding on steadily to their positions.

Saturday 12 April 1941: With unswerving fighting spirit and unshakeable belief in their final victory, the heroic Greek army, aided by the brave English, confronts the new invader.

Monday 28 April: At 8:25 a.m. yesterday the German army entered Athens. How Athens and Pireaus surrendered to the German authorities. All the authorities of the capital were delegated to the mayor of Athens.