A contemporary joke

Big Italian-German games are held at 'Forum Mussolini', the new stadium in Rome. The Italian athletes are beaten. The games are over and there is only the Marathon race left. All the spectators focus their interest on this.
- We must win this race at least, Il Duce thinks. He calls the Italian starter.
- Antonio, he says, it's a matter of prestige. We must win the Marathon race. See to it that you instill a sense of honour in our athletes...
The starter gave a categorical promise to the dictator that everything would be arranged. And at the moment he gave the sign for the start, Antonio leaned down and whispered something to the Italian athletes, who left like a shot. Not only did they win the Marathon race, but it was difficult to stop them at the end.
- Bravo, Antonio! Il Duce congratulated him. But how did you manage it?
- My Duce, the starter replied, I told them just one word.
- What did you tell them? asked Mussolini curiously.
- Evzone!!

(in: Chatzipatera-Phafaliou, Martyries 1940-1941, Athens, Kedros, 1982, p. 258)