From the Statutes of PEEA

We form the Political Committee of National Liberation that temporarily consists of the undersigned members. The main and primary objective of the Committee is:
To co-ordinate and conduct with all means in Greece and in league with our Allies the struggle against the conquerors.
To fight for the expulsion from the country and the destruction of the German and Bulgarian invaders for total national liberation and the consolidation of the independence and integrity of the country.
To pursue our national reinstatement on the basis of the principle of self-determination of the people according to the Atlantic Charter and the agreement of Teheran and the strategic settlement of our frontiers.
To fight for the elimination of domestic Fascism and the armed groups guilty of treason.
At the same time the Committee will undertake the following tasks:

  1. The responsible administration of guerilla troops that will accept the formation of the Committee with the aim of uniting, re-organizing and forming a unified national army.
  2. The responsible supreme administration of the free areas in all fields, respecting the institutions of local government and the co-ordination, control and direction of its instruments.
  3. Securing the individual liberties of the people in free areas, the respect of individual property and securing the freedom of religious conscience.
  4. Satisfying the living needs of the people and the relief and protection of the victims of war and the brutality of the conquerors.
  5. The preliminary work for the restoration of the country, after the liberation, to a regular political life aiming at securing the sovereign rights of the Greek people and fighting every attempt by coups or dictatorships to oppose the free will of the Greek people no matter from where or whom they originate.
The Comittee, taking as its starting point the idea that, for the gratification of the above national aims to a satisfactory degree, all national powers must participate to this end, it considers of primary importance the duty to continue actively all the acts for the formation of a government of national alliance. At the same time, it will not cease to pursue the implementation of the above objectives with the means it now possesses and with all those that will agree to participate in its work in the future...

(From the text of the Statutes of PEEA, in: Dokoumenta tis Antistasis, Athens, 'To Pontiki', 1994, pp. 80-81)