From the statutes of the National Liberation Front (EAM)

  1. By the representatives of the undersigned parties the National Liberation Front (EAM) is founded. Every other party or organization that accepts the principles of the statutes and wishes to work for the implementation of the objectives of EAM is equally accepted by it. In order for any organization to be accepted into EAM the past or its ideas concerning the future reconstruction of the free and independent Greece are not examined, but simply its belief in the necessity of the National Liberation Front, its honesty towards it and the acceptance of the principles of EAM included in the statutes.
  2. The objective of the National Front is:
  3. a) To liberate our Nation from the present foreign yoke and to acquire full independence for our country.
    b) To form a provisional government of EAM immediately after the expulsion of foreign conquerors, the sole objective of which will be the proclamation of elections for a constitutional assembly, under a system of proportional representation, in order for people to express their view as sovereign on the way they want to be governed.
    c) To consolidate this sovereign right of the Greek people to express their views on the way they want to be governed, protecting them from every reactionary attempt that may try to impose on people solutions against their will, and to eliminate any such attempt by all the means of EAM and the instruments forming it.

(From the text of the statutes of EAM, in: . Vournas, Istoria tis Synchronis Elladas, Polemos 1940-41, Katochi, Antistasi, Apeleftherosi, Dekemvrios 1944, Varkiza, Athens, Afoi Tolidi, 1980, pp. 83-84)