From the statutes of EDES

The National Republican Greek League, EDES, has been formed with the following objectives:

  1. To establish in Greece the Republican constitution, in a socialist form, independently of the outcome of the war.
  2. To uncover by all means and in a clear and undoubted manner the treason of King George II and the gang around him that styles itself the Dictatorship of the Fourth of August, to impose on all callous criminals heavy penalties, and to confiscate at the same time the properties both of themselves and their kin and of all those who had dealings with them during the accursed tyranny.
  3. To purge and renew from scratch the state mechanism in such a way that the land, air and sea army forces, gendarmerie and city police, judicial power, administration services of all kinds, bank institutions and also various organizations, get rid of any member who will not have demonstrated a National Republican socialist spirit certified by such acts that will inspire full and stable confidence in it. The purge must be such that if the need arises, as is the case with the gendermarie and the police having deviated from their target, in many cases also with judicial power, it will proceed to their full dissolution and their restructuring anew.
  4. The Republican Socialist Greece will institute laws and will take such measures that will give the Greek people Social Justice, will completely elimimate the black injustice and criminal inequality that from the time of the liberation of our country, and especially during the last five years of tyranny, has plagued all Greeks and cruelly exploited its workers to the benefit of a tiny wicked capitalist minority which by every unjust means has sat on the back of the Greek people. In the National Republican Socialist Greece no starving people should exist and there will not be any.
  5. After the full implementation of the objectives of the League there will be recourse to the Greek people, in order to validate the work of the League through the free expression of their opinion. After this validation the League will surrender power to the representatives of the People, who will be elected by a system which will be established in due course, and will depart from power...

(From the text of the statutes of EDES, in: Dokoumenta tis Antistasis, Athens, 'To Pontiki', 1994, pp. 65-66)