The inauguration of the exhibition was made by the Minister of Culture Mr. Michalis Liapis on Monday November 10th 2008. The inauguration ceremony took place at the Hall Antigone of the “THEATRON”. In his speech, Mr. Liapis stressed: “The cultural centre Hellenic Cosmos has proven to be an innovative organization for the promotion of Hellenic culture. Initially organizing exhibitions with the use of modern technologies and then creating model educational programmes for students and young people. It is perhaps the only cultural centre that has placed education of the youth at the heart of its activities. [...] With the exhibition we inaugurate today this innovative organization, which hosts us here today, makes an opening to folklore and the art of everyday life. So, we have to congratulate Hellenic Cosmos and all the people who worked for the creation of the exhibition for this excellent result”.

Then, Mr. Dimitris Efraimoglou, FHW's Managing Director, pointed out: “This exhibition is a small example of Ms Korre's great collection and is a forerunner of the similar exhibition we will host in the future at our new buildings. It is a great challenge for Hellenic Cosmos to host these exceptional jewels, collected with great passion and knowledge from a woman whose academic career and personal interest resulted in the creation of associations that records Hellenic history through time.”

Various people from the fields of business, art and social life and many friends of FHW honored with their presence the event at Hellenic Cosmos. Indicatively we can mention: Mr. Thodoris Dravilas, General Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Mr. George Tzovlas, Director of the Ministry of Culture, Ms Vivi Vasilopoulou, General Director of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture, Ms Ioanna Papantoniou, President of the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation, Ms Lena Levidi and Ms Lena Hatzipetrou, member of the Board of Directors of the Benaki Museum, Mr. Apostolos and Ms Maria Doxiadis, Ms Lila and Ioanna Lalaouni, the collector Mr. Dimitris Tsitouras.

The inauguration of the exhibition was covered with special stories by the printed electronic press.

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