"...Is someone born a collector, or does he become one during his life? I believe I belong in the first category, since I remember that as a small child I carefully observed and "admired" objects that attracted me..." This is the beginning of the introductory text of Katerina Korre-Zografou to the presentation of her personal bracelet collection.

The exhibition, with more than two hundred bracelets, follows the "adventure" of this collection in the past years. An emotional and true "adventure", a "treasure hunt" to antique shops, at various cities of Greece and abroad.

The discovery of these "treasures" led the collector to the examination of the stories they conceal. These stories, in their turn, lead to the examination of their owners' lives. Through this process, the chain of collection is transcended and the bracelets become the "rings" of another chain, which narrates the lives of the people who manufactured them, who bought them, who gave them as gifts, who received and wore them.

The bracelet, as an object of the art of the goldsmiths, covers only a small part of the exhibition. Instead we see the object's life next to its owner and we follow it as it passes from generation to generation each inheriting not only its value but also its story.

The cultural centre Hellenic Cosmos, after the exhibition "Crusades. Myth and Reality", presents yet another exhibition of objects, which narrate stories local and personal stories and dazzle us not only due to their luxuriance, but also due to the stories themselves.

A specially designed educational programme is presented daily to the areas of the exhibition for children of Elementary and High School, while relevant Sunday Educational Programmes have also been scheduled.