Festival & awards
  • The documentary "Royal Purple Harbors" was shown in the panorama of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2005 and at the International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area 2005.
  • The documentary “Strolling Through Athens” was shown by ERT in the period 2005-6.
  • "The House of Hermogenes" was part of the exhibition "The Greek Classical Period - Illusion or Reality", in the section "Proportion, Measurement, Precision and Grandeur", which dealt with the architecture of Greece during the Classical Period and took place in Bonn and in Berlin in 2002. The film is a permanent exhibit of Altes Museum in Berlin, while it has participated in the following international archaeological film festivals:
  1. "Rassegna Internationale del Cinema Archeologico", Rovereto, Italy
  2. "Festival du Film d'Archeologie d'Amiens", Amiens, France
  3. The Archeology Channel International Film and Video Festival (Honorable mention – 4th in the category "use of animation")
  • The documentary "Miletus... A City in Four Dimensions", produced by the Foundation of the Hellenic World, won the 1st prize at the 5th Amiens Festival of Archaeological Film (Cinquieme Festival du Film d’Archaeologie d’Amiens) in France. The prize was awarded on January 31st 1998. The daily press received with rather sympathetic comments this award.
    The festival was organized by the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche Arceologique de la Somme (CIRAS), under the auspices of the French Ministry of Culture, and lasted from the 28th to the 31st of January 1998. In the festival 37 films from all over the world competed. A round table discussion took place about the use of digital image in archaeology, with the participation of Mr. Vangelis Christodoulou, Head of FHW’s 3D Graphics Department.

    More information about the "Amiens Archaeological Film Festival" and our award as well as information about the shooting of the documentary "Miletus... A City in Four Dimensions".

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