The work of the Department of History and Archeology is the historical and archaeological research about Hellenic Culture in all its aspects through space and time. In addition, the department’s work also includes the adaptation and examination of historical and cultural information depending on the media and objective of every project of FHW, as well as on the audience to which is addressed. Finally, it is responsible for the documentation of all the projects with pictures of historical and archaeological content. In order to complete its work the department collaborates closely with all FHW's department related to production.

At its centre of interest lies the academic character research for important projects, mainly for the Internet, but also of printed form. The department is responsible for the content of FHW's electronic publications, while at the same time it participates systematically to electronic or conventional publications for the wide public.

It studies and is responsible for the organization and scientific management of FHW's natural collections (coins collection, Byzantine exhibits) and also for the organization, conducting and publication of FHW's excavation activities.

The department contributes with the provision of historical – cultural information both in the selection and organization of exhibitions and in the development of educational programmes and the organization of conferences.

It is responsible for the scientific accuracy of FHW's virtual reality archaeological representations and participates constantly in European and Greek programmes which promote either with primary research or with original applications the collaboration between history-archeology and digital technology.

The Department of History and Archaeology is staffed by experienced and highly specialized historians, archaeologists and social anthropologists, and collaborates with isolated researchers and with universities and other public and private organizations in Greece and all over the world.

Historians and archaeologists participated either as advisors or as members of FHW from the beginning of its operation and in various departments through time (Internet, Databank). In 2001 the Department of History was founded and in 2007 it changed its name to Department of History and Archeology.