The Laboratory's work is the collection, analysis, processing of spatial information and the promotion of this material through the new digital technologies, and indirectly the research of methods of using the produced work in teaching, research and market.

The Foundation has created a database of documented architectural drawings for structural works mainly from the Asia Minor area, which is addressed to specialized researchers.

Working Method
Structural works are redrawn with electronic tools (Autocad software), based on the publications of the archaeological excavations and the relevant bibliography.
Facades, ground plans, cross sections etc are not digitized but are re-drawn on a 1:1 scale based on the measurements of conventional drawings. The drawings are created with the accuracy and detail allowed by the sources on the one hand and the Autocad software on the other.
Every new drawing is accompanied by analytical reference to the sources from which the information was drawn.
The archaeological findings are not drawn, that is the buildings as they are preserved today, but there is an effort - wherever there is data available - for their restoration. Presently the base is not available for the public on the Internet.