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 Interactive Tour at the Ancient Agora

The spectators visit the site of the Ancient Agora and, under the guidance of a special Museum Educator, they have the opportunity to choose themselves the course they will follow. The representation of the Agora in three different moments in history provides visitors with the opportunity to perceive the development through time and the changes in the site's function from era to era, as it is recorded in its architectural and city-planning differentiations. The Classical Agora (approximately in 400 BC) emphasizes the importance of public administrative buildings and the existence of a large outdoors area for gatherings and athletic activities. During the Hellenistic Period (approximately in 150 BC) the dominant feature is the large commercial buildings (stoas), while emphasis is placed on the beneficiary activity of the Hellenistic rulers. Finally, the Roman aspect of the Agora (approximately in 150 AD) records its gradual weakening as an administrative and commercial centre, something that allowed the development of its religious and cultural character, since new temples were constructed, the odeum, the library and the nymphaeum.

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