The Foundation of the Hellenic World presents at the cultural centre Hellenic Cosmos the bracelet collection of the professor at the University of Athens Ms Katerina Korre-Zografou. This is the first exhibition to be hosted at the new exhibition areas of the "THEATRON" and will last from November 10th 2008 to the end of May 2009.

It includes more than two hundred bracelets, Greek and foreign, from the 19th and the 20th century. Each one with its special story, like its owner, reflects known and unknown aspects of everyday life. In this way the personal stories become the starting point for in depth examination of wider historical and social issues, like the movement of populations, since frequently the jewels were found far from the place where they were manufactured, but also issues that have to do with social stratification, since jewels were a sign of their owners' prosperity.

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