The Germans in Athens

The Germans entered Athens this morning. The first response of the Greek capital to the conqueror: Everything closed down! Nobody in the streets! The windows shut up! Only the Radio Station functions and transmits the last free Greek slogans. While the Germans move through the streets of Athens, all the Greeks listen around their radios to stanzas from the Greek National Anthem and slogans of Victory and persistence in the struggle:
- Greeks! Attention! In a few minutes our Radio Station will cease to be Greek. Believe and trust in the Greek victory! Brothers, keep your spirits up!
And a stanza from the Greek Anthem concluded the slogan. And next:
- Greeks, Greece above all! We keep on fighting from Crete. Victory is ours. Do not pay attention to the Station that in a while will probably announce the end of the war. It will not be a Greek station. It will be a German one. The King and the Government sent a cable a while ago: The war goes on. It does and will go on. Long live our army!
And next:
- Hail to thee, o hail, Freedom!

(D.K. Svolopoulos, POLEMOS TON ELLINON TOU 1940-41, in: Chatzipatera-Phafaliou, Martyries 1940-1941, Athens, Kedros, 1982, p. 388)