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The History of the Building

In the beginning of the 19th century at the site of the Old House of Parliament stood Kontostaulos' Mansion. From 1834, the building functioned as temporary Royal settlement. In 1835, an octagonal hall, big enough to hold more than 200 people was added as a ball room. After the revolt of the 3rd September, this room housed the National Assemblies and was the hub of parliamentary life until 1935. There, on March 18, 1843 King Otho swore obedience to the constitution.

Soon after the expulsion of Otho, a building made of bricks was constructed in forty days on the back of today's Old House of Parliament Square. It was known as 'The Hut' and it housed the operations of the Parliament until 1875.

In 1931 the House of Parliament moved to the reconstructed Palace, where it is housed until now. In the Old House of Parliament the Ministry of Justice was then installed. In 1961, the building was restored and from that time it houses the National History Museum, creating thus a hub of memory at the heart of Athens

The Initial Designs of Boulanger

1890's Photo