Theatrical happening about the celebration of the twelve years of operation of Hellenic Cosmos, with the leading role played by a a three-dimensional character (avatar) who talked with the actors in real time. At the same time, a tour of ancient Miletus and Priene, at their history and architecture, through the three-dimensional representation of these cities.


A documentary revealing how the history of Athens speaks from every corner of the city. Only look, and it appears before us.


The documentary "Royal Purple Harbors" brings to life the travels of the Greeks, already from the Minoan period, to Lebanon, the land of the Phoenicians, one of the most important commercial centers of the Mediterranean and reveals the influence of Hellenic culture there.


Educational series of 5 five-minute videos entitled “My Country From Above” for children of pre-school age, about the geography of our country. It was shown by ERT as part of educational TV.


The documentary entitled “Biblioteca Alexandrina” deals with the library of Alexandria. It is a journey to the diachronic city of Alexandria, the temples of Upper Egypt and other places where libraries flourished, as well as to the wonderful new building of the Library of Alexandria which is destined to become, like its predecessor, a centre of ecumenical knowledge.


A 3D animated reconstruction of the typical house of Priene based on the research of Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hoepfner. Its subject is to demonstrate the arrangement and the functionality of a residence of the classical period.


A series of five half-hour episodes entitled The Olympic Games in Antiquity, a co-production of FHW and the "Zeus" joint venture. The documentary, based on rare material from Greek and foreign museums, describes the way that the Games were conducted and presents their influence on the art, culture and society in Antiquity.


In antiquity, it was the sea that carried the island of Cyprus to the forefront of history. Then, over the centuries, thanks to its strategic position and mineral abundance, it became a battleground for nations where glittering prizes were won - and lost.
The documentary Sea Routes - Cyprus reveals the early myths, the natural wealth and the story of a strong-willed and resilient people, against the backdrop of the sea. Historical flashbacks, personal interviews and 3D reconstructions of buildings lost in time, come together in this hour-long travelogue to unveil the magical mosaic of the island of Aphrodite.


A 30-minute documentary entitled The Everburning Candle... On the Tracks of Christianity of Asia Minor. A journey through the monuments of Christianity on the coastline of Asia Minor, from the early Christian years until the beginning of the 20th century. The viewer admires 3D-reconstructions of the Koimesis church (Dormition of Virgin) at Nicaea-Bithiny which was completely destroyed in the 1920s.


A one-hour documentary entitled, The Journey, co-production by FHW and Maria Mavrikou. A journey through the years 1922-1924: elderly Hellenes from Aivali and Turkish-Cretans from Rethymno return to their native land. By recounting their testimonies they revive the expatriation and the population exchange of Hellenes from Asia Minor.


A documentary entitled Potsherds.. of the Black Sea - Hellenism in Bulgaria, which records "potsherds", that is fragments of the Hellenic culture which flourished in the coasts of the Black Sea, and particularly in the cities Sozopolis, Anchialos, Mesembria and Varna. It is the starting point for a series of documentaries which deal with the countries of the Black Sea.


A 75-minute documentary entitled, We Were Children Then… Reminiscences of Asia Minor Refugees. The last survivors' reminiscences about homeland and exile. The documentary is based on recorded interviews of first generation refugees and presented by the actress Olia Lazaridou.


The last documentary of the series starts in Kaunus, where, according to the myth, Kaunus fled in order to subdue his feelings of romantic longing for his sister Vivlida. The city contains monuments from various periods: rock tombs from the Hellenistic period and fortification from the Hellenistic and Byzantine era. Our journey will take us as far as the deserted Livisi - ancient Karmilissos, a town inhabited mainly by Hellenes and which knew great...


The first stop in this third documentary is Priene, a sacred city and leading member of the Ionian League. From a hill-top vantage point the two narrations reflect upon the fate of this city whose history was closely linked to Alexander the Great, while the camera focuses on the public buildings: the temple of Athena Polliados, the Gymnasium, the Stadium, the Agora, the Theatre, the Bouleutirion. Ephesus, the next stop, boasts one of the most important...


Our journey in this second documentary of the series begins at Teos, whose temple of Dionysus, the largest and most famous in the region, and theatre, dating from the 2nd century BC, are considered to be the city's most important monuments. It is a shared passion for the theatre that guides the two narrators to their nest step: Erythrae, whose theatre was built in the 3rd century BC. The remains of Antiquity, Byzantium as well as later periods, are...


From Assos to Aivali is the first of the four documentaries that review the ancient cities of Asia Minor. The tour begins in Assos, a Methymnian colony founded at the start of the 1st millenium BC. Assos was one of the most important cities on the Asia Minor coast, with exquisite fortifications dating back to the Byzantine period. The camera highlights the temple of Athena in all its understated simplicity, and also brings the Palaestra, the Theatre and...


A journey into Asia Minor with four half-hour documentaries.Two voices (or two souls) travel in space and time in quest of their roots, passing through approximately 20 cities of Asia Minor, from Assos to Myra, uncovering their history from antiquity to the present day.


From Assos to Aivali
From Teos to Smyrna
From Ephesus to Heraclea
From Knidus to Myra


A 30-minute documentary entitled, Miletus... A City in Four Dimensions, which won the 1st prize at the 5th Amiens Festival (Cinquieme Festival du Film d’Archaeologie d’Amiens) in France. The ancient city is brought back to life using three-dimensional representations of the most important public buildings.


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