The Expansion of
the Hellenic State

Paris, 28 Jyly 1920

To the Greek People,

I am happy to announce to you that today, on the seventh anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Bucharest, a peace treaty with Turkey has been signed, the treaty through which the major Allied Powers transfer to Greece the rule over Western Thrace, which had been ceded to them by Bulgaria after the Treaty of Neuilly, and the treaty with Italy, through which the Dodecanese islands are transferred to us. Since the job which we carry out amidst so many difficulties is crowned by such a success, I have the duty to express to my fellow citizens my deep gratitude for the constant confidence with which I have been invested for so many years, thus rendering possible the national triumphs which we are celebrating today.

The self-denial, the self-sacrifice, the valour, the endurance of all the people when confronting all danger rather than go back on the word he has given and be unfaithful to his national traditions, add glorious pages to our long national history, for which our generation has every right to be proud of. My own pride is that I had the highest honour to lead a people with such intense feelings, able to commit such ingenious deeds, provided they are motivated by what is good and fair.