The website Roman Period was designed and constructed by the following members of the Classical Antiquity Group in the FHW Internet Applications Section:

Daphne Dimitriadi (text writing: Economy of the Roman Period)
Eleni Iliadi (applications development; website design & programming)
Maria Kantirea (research & text writing: Culture & Political History of the Roman Period; selection of source materials)
Eleni Marini (design; graphics checking; digitalization & image processing)
Eleni Zimi (coordination, Classical Antiquity Team; project organization & supervision; text writing: Society of the Roman Period)

Also involved in selection of illustrations and writing of explanatory notes were:

Pagona Gerosideri (Society, Economy & Political History of the Roman Period)
Vasiliki Karakitsou (Culture of the Roman Period)

The Greek texts were edited by Asimina Kehagia.

All translations of texts from Greek to English were made in-house by Richard Witt and edited by Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife.

Translations of classical sources were typed by Sophia Bournou & Eleni Stathis.

We should like to extend our thanks to the following at FHW for their invaluable help:

Dimitris Efraimoglou (Head of Interactive Applications & Systems Department)
Ilias Hatzis (Head of Internet Applications Department).
Giorgos Katsoulis (Systems Administrator & Technical Management; Photograph Management)
Marios Papadopoulos (Technical support)
Kleopatra Ferla (Historical Adviser to the President)

Our warm thanks are also due to Dr Antti Arjava, Lecturer in Ancient History at the Classical Institute of Helsinki University, for placing at our disposal material both from the Institute's existing and forthcoming publications.

Copyright of photographic material is held by the following bodies:

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