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National Resistance

The conflicts of the resistance groups

Political deadlocksThe Mountain Government (PEEA)
The Lebanon conference
Towards consensus (The Caserta Agreement)

Political deadlocks

The new Papandreou government, with the full support of the British, organised the Lebanon Conference in May 1944. The goal of this conference was to broker a general agreement for the formation of a government of national unity with the participation of EAM and the PEEA. The leadership of EAM and ELAS decided to participate in the conference and sent representatives in Lebanon.

The conference succeeded in finding a compromise solution for a coalition government with five EAM members. However, in spite of the insistent attempts of EAM, ELAS and PEEA, the majority of the conference refused to grant the Ministries of Interior and Justice to EAM. Additionally, the government of national unity would be responsible for the country's smooth transition to postwar normality and would direvt all military forces and groups in the Greek territory.

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