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Italy's position

Italy heads for the war (March-June 1940)Political and military evaluations
The blow of 15 August 1940
The plan against Greece
The Italian ultimatum of 28 October 1940

Italy heads for the war

(March-June 1940)

The Italian policy, as regards the international conflict, began to change from March 1940, when Mussolini held meetings with the German Foreign Minister, von Ribbentrop and for the first time declared his intention to join Germany in the war when the international circumstances and the preparation of the Italian armed forces permitted.

Italian intervention in the war, initially scheduled for early 1941, was moved forward to June 1940 after the successful German invasion of the Low Countries and, later, France. On 10 June Mussolini officially declared war on the Western Powers and caused alarm in Greece for the subsequent moves and further intentions of the Italian regime. Of course, that was not about a new practice. The Greek government had clear indications that the Italian aggressiveness was culminating. The decision of Fascist Italy both to engage in the war and to attack Greece - an act that was not necessary - should be ascribed to the relentless will and the relevant orientation of Mussolini himself.

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