Korinthos - Bouleuterion ("Curia")

Ållipsoid roman building in the southern part of the Roman forum. It was established to house the local Voule of the city, and dates back to the late 1st century BC.

The erection of Curia was part of the major project of rebuilding the city after 44 BC, the year when the city was re-established by the Caesar as a roman colony. The building was divided to the main conference room and an ante-chamber. The roofed main room was formed by two linear and two curvilinear walls, along which were stone benches. One or three gates led to the oblong room with curvilinear narrow sides. The north facade of the building was decorated with two front portals.

The architectural form of the building is unique in Greece, but it bears some resemblance with some roman buildings in Italy. The walls are perserved up to a considerable height.