Herakleia at Latmos - Bouleuterion

A small roofed rectangular building located at the center of the city, east of the Agora. It dates back to the 2nd century BC.

Two entrances at the long south side, lead directly to the auditorium. Inside it a marble amphitheater which had the shape of the Greek letter "Pi", with six tiers provided for seating, surrounded an almost square "orchestra". An interior colonnade behind the highest row of seats carried the roof, while a corridor run between the colonnade and the outer walls.

The site and the form of the building point to the Ekklesiasterion of Priene, which was built later. In this case however, a seating capacity (300 persons), limited if compared to the city polulation, differentiates it leading to the identification of the building as Bouleuterion.