Tales of the world

The Olympic Games both reflect and shape our perceptions of the world.

The open participation that marks the Games reflects the values of tolerance and co-existence of cultures. The message of peace conveyed by the Games accompanies the successes and the failures of the movement towards international harmony: its flame is carried across the world.

The professional athletics of today reflects the competitive aspects of our societies. The organization of the Games calls for huge capital and is merged with powerful economic interests.

Technological perfection and the expansion of TV as a medium have transformed the Games into the greatest "global celebration" of our era. But, behind the glorious facade and the moral message of the Games lie the challenges of the continuous striving for the best performance, hard training and the use of anabolic steroids.

Every four years the world community tries to marry the struggle for records and medals,political upheavals and boycotts with the dream for global peace and competition.

The contradictions of the Games are the contradictions of our societies...




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