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 "Homer's Odyssey - The Fairy tale of fairy tales"

From the 23rd of November 2008 to the 24th of May 2009 the "THEATRON" hosted a great production entitled "Homer’s Odyssey - The fairy tale of fairy tales". The children’s favourite Karmen Rouggeri adapted and directed one of the most important literary works of all times, with respect both to the words of Homer and to her little friends. The adventures of Odysseus during his return to Ithaca came to life on the stage of the "THEATRON", in a production of international standards, with the use of three dimensional digital sets. The amazing sets and costumes of Christina Kouloubi, the exceptional music of Giannis Makridis, the choreographies of Petros Gallias, the lyrics of Andreas Kouloubis, the lighting of Christina Thanasoula and the swordplay created by Konstantinos Bouboukis, combined with a number of talented actors created one of the most important performances of this year’s theatre season, which was enjoyed by children and adults alike.


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