The electronic pages entitled "Contemporary Greece, 1945-2000" were produced by the following FHW members:

    Vlachos Angelos, coordination and supervision, text writing, selection of source materials, research and selection of visuals.
    Gerosideri Pagona, writing of explanatory texts
    Kamarinos George, Modern Period Team Leader, organization, design and programming.
    Papaspyrou Maira, design, graphics and image processing, programming in Flash software
    Stamatelou Artemis, administration of illustrated material.
    Kehagia Asimina, text editing.
    Sevy Spyridogiannaki, translation to English.
    Hatzis Elias, Head of the Internet Applications Department.
    Efraimoglou Dimitris, Head of the Systems and Interactive Applications Sector.
    Ferla Kleopatra, Historical Adviser to the President.

Copyright for photographic materials is held by the following institutions, publishing houses and people:

* Epta Imeres-"I Kathimerini".

* Ekdotiki Athinon.

* ELIA (The Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive).

* K.G. Karamanlis Foundation.

* M.G. Tsagaris Collection.

* N.E. Tolis Collection.

* Photographic Archives of K. Megalokonomou.

* Photographic Archives of Spiros Meletzis.

* Photographic Archives of Matzouranis.

* Photographic Archives of Delta.

* Photographic Archives of M. Pappous.

* Photographic Archives of D. Argiropoulos.

* Photographic Archives of Louisa Gouliamaki.

* To Mati.

* Ellinikos Organismos Photoreportage (Greek Press-photography Organization).

* Associated Press.