The time has come, the Greeks! Long before, the peoples of Europe, fighting for their own Rights and Freedom, invited us to do alike; they, who liberated, tried with all their powers to reinforce their freedom and through it the Happiness of all. (...)
It is time to throw off this intolerable Yoke, to liberate the Country, to pull down the crescent from the clouds, to raise the symbol which always brings victory: the Cross, and thus defend the Country and our Orthodox Faith from the impious Contempt of the impious.
The most noble of us shall be the one who will defend the rights of the Country in the most brave way and serve it most effectively. When the nation assembles it will elect its Elders and all our acts shall comply with this highest Parliament. (...)
Our Country call us to arms!

Alexander Ypsilantis

February 24, 1821
To the general military camp of Iasi.